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Note: If you are interested in being featured on this page, just message me your biography!  As long as it’s appropriate and structured well, I don’t mind including you! For a list of some fantastic Indie author submissions, please check out this link here: .

Christian Nonfiction

Sesan Oguntade: Sesan Oguntade writes Christian ‘How to Books’ and also problem-solving books. Some of his popular books are Jesus and Your Success, How to Fly With Your Faith, and more. You can download some of these books free and read more about the paid ones at The print versions of some of these books are available at He writes problem-solving and motivational articles at


Paul Hosler: I am an avid fan of Sci-Fi , Horror, Dark Humor, and most anything surrealistic or macabre. My plans for wattpad are basically to have fun and post silly side projects and Fan Fiction. Expect many errors in tense, continuity, common sense, logic, spelling, grammar, plot, dialogue, historical references, confusing facts with fiction, and any other mistake, coincidence, or general chaos that my contributions will no doubt contain. Readers are advised to proceed at their own risk. Contents have been known to cause the following side effects:  aneurysm, nasal congestion, sudden death, heart failure, kidney failure, collapsed lung, asthma, gingivitis, hair loss, bone density loss, palpitations,  uncontrollable fits of rage, nightmares, loss of sleep, loss of appetite, loss of significant other, and  cancer in lab mice. The author can not be held responsible for any of the above side effects. Any other side effects not mentioned are most likely being caused by something else you are doing to yourself. If you do not understand any of the side effects, that is your problem and it is also why God created google. If sudden death occurs please consult your family physician immediately! Find my Books:

Contemporary Romance

E.A. Kelly: E.A. Kelly is a budding author living in Cornwall, United Kingdom. She developed an interest in writing at the age of nine when her poetry was first published. Since then, she has moved onto writing both short stories and novels. Initially publishing under the name N. Wood, she’s now striking out on her own under a new author name, republishing her best works.  Find her on Goodreads:  Follow her Twitter:

Love’s Wager: Every Friday night, Isaac Anderson pushes away his worker’s blues and looks forward to one customer in particular walking into the bar. Caleb Miller, a finely dressed young man, orders the same drink and takes the same seat each week, and Isaac can barely take his eyes off him. A word of advice from his boss spurs him on to approach his favourite customer, but there’s something about Caleb that he isn’t expecting. Is a wager on love worth it?  Buy the Book:

The Cove: When it comes to the summer holidays, fireman Lance McCarthy can think of only one place he wants to spend his time away from work. Compared to the miserable city of Glasgow, a week on the third largest of the sunny Balearic Islands sounds like paradise. However, when he chose Ibiza as his destination, he didn’t expect to bump into Malachy Walsh; an Irish man dressed in blue striped pyjamas. The Cove is a short story that may well bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye. Buy the Book:

Kristine Dugger: Kristine Dugger is an upcoming contemporary romance novelist. She is currently working on publishing her first novel called “Damaged.” Kristine has a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Health Science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is a Pediatric Clinical Dietitian by day, Writer by night, Always a Mom. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two very beautiful daughters, reading, listening to music, kickboxing and playing/watching sports. You can read about her journey to becoming a published author on or follow her on twitter at

Lexi Miles: Lexi writes romance novels.  She writes, “Hi, I am Lexi Miles. I fell in LOVE with writing—head over heels in love—from the time that I could first hold a pen and I just never stopped falling. CALIFORNIA is the place that I call home. I have also spent a lot of time in Vegas, Los Angeles, and Reno. I must confess, tropical warm spots and out of the way ranches, however, are my favorite escapes. CULTIVATION of my writing is attributed to ALOT of reading, all types of genres including my first love of romance, to competitive writing contests while growing up, to studies in written and verbal communication, and to association and mentoring from published authors and editors. Time as an editor and consultant on a few published novels, and the invaluable tool of LIFE in general are also factors in the development of my writing. PERSONALLY I am a proud pup mom of two Yorkie girls, and every day they make my life brighter. I love spending time with, my best friend and strongest cheerleader, my sister. She is one of the most fun, inspiring, and refreshing people I know. I cherish MY Continuous Everlasting friendships with my friends. If YOU are reading this right now thank you too for your support because it means EVERYTHING to me.  I ONLY WRITE POSITIVE spicy fire-injected stories of sweet tender romance of love that lasts forever. And I love it! BEING IN LOVE is beautiful, and I pen that on paper.

Tegan Wren: Tegan Wren’s debut novel, INCONCEIVABLE!, is a part of the Curiosity Thrills imprint from Curiosity Quills Press. The best compliment Tegan Wren ever received came from her sixth grade teacher: “You always have a book in your hand!” Guided by her love of the creative process, Tegan grew up acting in theatre productions and writing poetry, short stories, and plays. She turned her eye to writing about real life when she worked as a journalist, producing reports for various radio and television stations in medium and large markets in the Midwest and also filing some stories for a major national news network.  Wren has both a Bachelor’s of Journalism and a Master of Arts in Communications. After completing her graduate degree, Tegan had the opportunity to teach journalism courses at a major state university. She absolutely loved training the next generation of journalists. Tegan is thankful that she’s had the opportunity to travel overseas, and uses those adventures to inform her writing. She also draws inspiration from her own struggles, joys, and life experiences. Tegan and her husband, Patrick, experienced infertility for five years before becoming parents through adoption. Tegan is a proud member of Romance Writers of America. If you want to connect, Tegan will be thrilled to hear from you. You can find her on Twitter (, Facebook (, and on her website ( View the beautiful cover for INCONCEIVABLE! and pre-order this romance about a royal couple dealing with infertility:

Epic Fantasy

Mike Cooley: I have been writing science fiction and fantasy stories for many years.
My writing has an edge to it. I enjoy exploring the dark and surreal landscapes of the mind. The first three novels in my Legend Of The Crystals series are out (Crystal Warrior, Crystal Origin, and Crystal Legacy). Book Four (Crystal Fire) should be out in 2015. I have many stories out in different genres: Crystal Warrior, Crystal Origin, Crystal Legacy — Epic Fantasy, Bryn Morrow, Alpha Male — Paranormal Romance, Skin Of Giants — Science Fiction, Eater of Eyes — Horror, How To Keep Sparkly Emo Vampires Off Your Lawn — Parody, and She Stands At The Precipice — Poetry. Thanks for reading! .  Follow my Blog: . Click my Link:

General Fiction

Mandy Melanson: Mandy is a stay at home mother of 5 home schooled children. Her love of the written word began when her mother would read her bedtime stories. This love of fictional worlds has traveled with her throughout her life. She has been a writer since the age of 7 years old when she wrote her first short story “Jane the Tiger.” It was written on construction paper in crayon. But, that was the moment she knew what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. Currently, she is studying English and aspires to become a state certified teacher who can ignite a fire in others for creative writing, and language while inspiring others through the worlds she creates on the page.  She has published her first short story and is currently working on two full length manuscripts. In the meantime she posts her flash fiction and poetry on her blog to share with other like-minded followers of fiction. Follow her blog: Like her on Facebook:

Historical Drama

Terri Nixon: Terri was born in Plymouth in 1965. At the age of 9 she moved with her family to Cornwall, to a small village on the edge of Bodmin Moor, where she discovered a love of writing that has stayed with her ever since. She also discovered apple-scrumping, and how to jump out of a hayloft without breaking any bones, but no-one’s ever offered to pay her for doing those. Since publishing in paperback for the first time in 2002, Terri has appeared in both print and online fiction collections, and is proud to have contributed to the Shirley Jackson award-nominated hardback collection: Bound for Evil, by Dead Letter Press. As a Hybrid author, her first commercially published novel was Maid of Oaklands Manor, published by Piatkus Entice (a digital-first imprint of Little, Brown,) and short-listed in the “Best Historical Read” category at the Festival of Romance 2013. The sequel, A Rose in Flanders Fields, was published by Carina UK (a digital-first imprint of HarperCollins) and was short-listed in the same category in 2014. The third book in this series, Daughter of Dark River Farm, is also on sale in all e-book formats.  Terri’s self-published Mythic Fiction series set in Cornwall, The Lynher Mill Chronicles, is now complete and available in paperback and e-book.

Terri also writes under the name T Nixon, and has contributed to anthologies under the names Terri Pine and Teresa Nixon. She is represented by the Kate Nash Literary Agency. She now lives in Plymouth with her youngest son, and works in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Plymouth University, where she is constantly baffled by the number of students who don’t possess pens. Like her Page: Follow her on Twitter: Check out her Books: Find out all Things Terri Nixon:


Diana Fraser: Diane Fraser writes memoir, personal essays, poetry, and fiction. She published her memoir Growing Up Superheroes, The Extraordinary Adventures of Deihlia Nye about her niece, who had a profound impact on her life and the lives of others. Diane’s experience and training in the occult, including tarot, astrology, spirits, and planetary energies inform her writing and sometimes appear as the subject. She’s working on her next book, a young adult novel about confused teenagers with special mystical gifts trying to learn how to work with them. She’s also a cosmic healer and provides healing insight and energy for her clients. Learn more about her book and connect with her at  Follow her on Twitter at:  Follow her blog at:

Kathi Bretell: When Kathryn isn’t skirting the globe, she lives in a log cabin in Colorado. She is currently in Singapore, after a long stint in India. She enjoys snow skiing, cooking, reading, horseback riding, and hiking. Her book THE OLIVE PICKER is actually her best biography, since it is a true story chronicling her humor, determination, and success in dealing with a variety of abusive domestic situations. Kathryn has written and published other short stories as well as some travel blogs while she trekked across India, Africa, Europe and Australia. She is very happily married, pursuing her lifelong love of writing, and enjoying life.

It is her sincere hope, through her writing, to help people who find themselves in situations of abuse, wherever they are in their journey. To that end, she encourages everyone to commit acts of random kindness. Smile at a stranger, help someone for no reason, treat others as you would have them treat you. Simple acts of kindness have profound effects and there are so many things we can all do, at no cost, to help make the world a better place. Buy her Book: The Olive Picker


K.D. Rose: K.D. Rose is a poet and author who currently has published “Heavy Bags of Soul”, “Inside Sorrow”, “I AM”, “Erasing: Shadows”, “Anger’s Children”, “A Taste for Mystery” and her newest release, “The Brevity of Twit”. Her poetry has been published in Candlelit Journal, the Voices Project, The Drabble, and showcased in the Tophat Raven Art and Literary Magazine. K.D.’s book, Inside Sorrow won the Readers Favorite 2013 international Silver Medal for Poetry. K.D. has an eclectic mind and loves language, physics, philosophy, photography, design, art, writing, symbolism, semiotics, spirituality, and Dr. Who. KD Rose is an avid supporter of music, the arts, cutting edge science, technology, and creativity in all forms. Find her Books: Amazon Books for Sale

Melinda McIntosh:  A Bit of Tickle for the Mind is the first book of poetry published by Melinda McIntosh. Her charming poems bring messages of hope and encouragement and cover a variety of topics, including life, love, nature, friendship, and writing. Melinda writes poetry for all ages. She continues to work on her next collection. Buy it on Amazon: Check out her Author Page:

Romantic Comedy

Jenny Gardiner: Jenny Gardiner is the author of #1 Kindle Bestseller Slim to None . Her latest works are the It’s Reigning Men series, featuring Something in the Heir; Heir Today Gone Tomorrow; Bad to the Throne; Love is in the Heir; and the upcoming Shame of Thrones. She also published the memoir Winging It: A Memoir of Caring for a Vengeful Parrot Who’s Determined to Kill Me, now re-titled Bite Me: a Parrot, a Family and a Whole Lot of Flesh Wounds; the novels Anywhere but Here (soon to be re-released); and Where the Heart Is. Her work has been found in Ladies Home Journal, the Washington Post,, and on NPR’s Day to Day. She has worked as a professional photographer, an orthodontic assistant (learning quite readily that she was not cut out for a career in polyester), a waitress (probably her highest-paying job), a TV reporter, a pre-obituary writer, as well as a publicist to a United States Senator (where she first learned to write fiction). She’s photographed Prince Charles (and her assistant husband got him to chuckle!), Elizabeth Taylor, and the president of Uganda. She and her family now live a less exotic life in Virginia.Visit Jenny at her website and sign up for her newsletter , her blog, , or find her on Facebook and Twitter

Whitney Dineen: While attending the University of Illinois in Chicago, Whitney Dineen was discovered by a local modeling agent and began an unexpected career as a plus-size Ford model. She modeled in New York City before moving to Los Angeles with her husband. During “The Hollywood Years,” Whitney was bitten by the writing bug and started creating characters that are inspired by strong women with a great sense of humor. In addition to her love of romantic comedies, Whitney has also written a series of adventure books for middle readers The first of which, Wilhelmina and the Willamette Wig Factory, was released in August of 2015. There are five more books in the series.  Whitney’s first rom com, She Sins at Midnight, won the 2015 Reader’s Favorite silver medal in the fiction/chick-lit category. Her second, rom com, The Reinvention of Mimi Finnegan, released in May of 2015, has been sitting at the top of the Amazon charts in humor/satire for months. Whitney and her husband, Jimmy, have recently relocated to the beautiful Pacific Northwest to raise their children, chickens and organic vegetables. See her Website: Follow her on Twitter:  Like her on Facebook: and

Reviews for Whitney Dineen – She Sins at Midnight
“This whirlwind comedy/drama…centers on Lila Montgomery and her high school crush, a hilarious cat fight with a Hollywood starlet and her award-winning romance novel nobody knows about. This fun, quick read examines the envies and dissatisfactions in women’s lives, reassuring reader that no one’s life is truly perfect.” –Kirkus Review
“A humorous, clever, quick read from an author with sharp wit and a great voice. I really enjoyed She Sins at Midnight.” –Writer’s Digest
The Reinvention of Mimi Finnegan
“A romantic comedy with a lively, funny cast and lovable main character“–Kirkus Review
“Whitney Dineen has a brilliant sense of humour herself which shines forth in her writing…Watch out Bridget Jones, Mimi Finnegan is on your tail!” –Reader’s Favorite
Wilhelmina and the Willamette Wig Factory
“Light fantasy with wholesome messages for tweens. A feel-good, small-town mystery for middle-grade readers.”  –Kirkus Reviews
“Whitney Dineen’s young adult and pre-teen paranormal fantasy, Wilhelmina and the Willamette Wig Factory, is a fresh and original story about a young girl’s move to a new town and the friends she makes when she gets there. I’m looking forward to the subsequent volumes in this series. Wilhelmina and the Willamette Wig Factory is highly recommended. 5-stars.–Reader’s Favorite. Buy her Books: Wilhelmina and the Willamette Wig Factory, She Sins at Midnight, The Reinvention of Mimi Finnegan

Suspense/Speculative Genre

Kelly Manfredini: K.M. Hodge grew up in Detroit, where she spent most of her free time weaving wild tales to spook her friends and family. These days, she lives in Texas with her husband and two energetic boys and once again enjoys writing tales of suspense and intrigue that keep her readers up all night. Her stories, which focus on women’s issues, friendship, addiction, regrets and second chances, will stay with you long after you finish them. When she isn’t writing or being an agent of social change, she reads Independent graphic novels, watches old X-files episodes, streams Detroit Tigers games and binges on Netflix with her husband. She enjoys hearing from her readers, so don’t be shy about dropping her a line. Add her on Twitter: . Check out her Amazon page: . Like her on Facebook: .



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